Ophiopogon Japonicus


Tube Size: 42x42x82mm

Interesting fact:

In Chinese medicine Ophiopogon japonicus tuber, known as mai men dong (Chinese: 麥門冬), is the cardinal herb for yin deficiency. According to the Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, the herb is sweet, slightly bitter and slightly cold, enters the heart, lung and stomach channels and nourishes the yin of the stomach, spleen, heart and lungs and clears heat and quiets irritability. It is believed to be useful for hacking dry coughs, dry tongue and mouth and constipation.

Common Name: Mondo Grass

Botanical Name: Ophiopogon Japonicus


These plants are about 50 – 60mm in height

Each plant comes in its own 42mm square pot

This variety can grow to about 200mm tall and Clumping wide. 


Ideal for borders plantings or pots. This versatile and hardy plant tolerates most soils and positions. Spreading clumps of fine dark green, grass-like leaves, makes this an attractive edging plant or as a lawn in areas where there is little traffic.

Mondo grass produce pale purple flowers during mid summer which are followed by bright blue berries. Although it will last for years undisturbed.

Care and Maintenance


Easily grown, for best results plant in moist, well-drained soil. Keep moist during dry weather. Feed annually with a general purpose fertiliser.  All our plants are established in their pots and are ready to plant straight into your garden or a larger pot.  Water well each day for 4 - 5 weeks after planting.  Use a premium potting mix if planting in containers.


Stock Available: 100

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